Frequently asked questions


What will my Membership include?

Our memberships are the agile big brother of normal 24/7 gym access. A Trination membership provides you with full access to classes, as well as full access to our 24/7 facilities.

Guest Passes

I would like to bring a friend. Do you offer guest passes?

Yes, we definitely do! Sign them up on our 'Book a Trial' page to bring them along with you for your next session!

Free Trials

I am not sure that I want to join, do you offer a trial membership?

We offer 1 day trials. Sign up online via 'Book a Trial' or give us a call and we will happily arrange a session for you to come and give Trination a go.


Can I access all sites with my membership?

Not all memberships have cross club access, please speak to your club manager to check if you have the right level of memebrship.

Staffed Hours

You are a 24/7 gym, but what are your staffed hours?

You can find one of our helpful Trination staff members in the gym between 10am - 7pm (Monday-Friday) and 10am - 2pm (Saturday - Sunday).

How busy does it get?

A large benefit of having unlimited opening hours means our peak times are almost as flexible as our regulars. While naturally, the gym sees a larger headcount in traditional peak times, due to our substantial facilities and 24/7 access, those disconcerting days of waiting for machines are truly over.

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